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Daily Archives: September 5, 2017

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Women with hairy Legs by London Escorts


I have really hairy legs. And I do. They are very, very hairy. And they’re not always hairy, just right now I’m lazy. Can’t be fucked.

And then on the London Escorts Agency  at we got into this big discussion and debate about female body hair.

I’m just gonna tell you some of the responses that I got.

“I love my hairy legs and hairy armpits. Hairy everything!”

“It shouldn’t even be a matter in the first place. Grow, shave, color it. Do whatever you want with it.”

“No shave November? Psh, no shave winter.”

“I have no opinion, on the basis they are not my legs.”

“It’s nobody else’s business, and you shouldn’t shave just to meet society’s expectations of beauty.”

“Nothing wrong with women having control over their own assets, although smooth legs are damn sexy.”

“I have a personal opinion on what I find attractive, which massively opposes my views on women’s “right to choose what they do.”

When it comes down to it, I believe that it’s a personal choice what you do with your hair. Leg hair, pubic hair, armpit hair, facial hair.

I personally love having smooth legs, especially in the summer when I have my legs out. It makes me feel a lot more confident, it makes me feel a lot sexier.

I have this inner conflict as to whether I actually genuinely like having smooth legs, or I’ve been made to believe that I like smooth legs by society’s conceptions of beauty.

Although I give no fucks that I have hairy legs right now, like hell am I getting them out in public.

One, it’s winter and it’s freezing. But even if it was warm, I probably would not be brave enough to do it.

My having hairy legs right now is not a massive statement at all.

I kind of wish it was, but it really isn’t. I don’t like shaving because the hairs grow back really fast, and thicker, and more prickly.

I prefer to get my legs waxed because it lasts longer and the hairs grow back finer and lighter.

However, getting your legs waxed costs money. And I’m a student, and I’m poor. And I don’t have any money right now. When I’m poor like this, I tend to go for the middle option, which is hair removal cream, but that just takes time.

It’s just a lot of effort. So due to poor laziness, and lack of funds, I have hairy legs. It’s not a statement. But this Article probably is.

The whole nature of hairy legs gets so much more complicated when sex gets brought into the equation. Really does.

So one time I was in a sexy situation, and it was clearly about to happen, and I suddenly got really self-conscious ’cause I knew that my legs were quite hairy. And I said to the guy, I was like, “Oh, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got hairy legs,”

like an idiot, and he was just like, “No, of course I don’t mind.”

And then, that made me realize. Do you know what?

Actually, if you did mind, then you’re not the type of person that I want to be having sex with.

You’ll see an image of a woman with hairy armpits or hair legs and a bit of you’s like, “That’s weird, that’s strange, that’s…” Stuff goes on in your head, where that image makes you feel uncomfortable.

And that shouldn’t be the case.